Disney is the Way to Go


Let’s face it, investing wisely is all about timing. You know the old adage: buy low and sell high. Everyone is conscious of the struggling economy and relatively low real estate prices. Real estate is affordable, and investors are in the driver’s seat. That’s why investment property in the Orlando area is so attractive. Central Florida is both a tropical paradise and a major tourist destination.


The region is home to Walt Disney World, but also boasts dozens of other major tourist attractions from Jungle Island and Gatorland to the Daytona Speedway and Kennedy Space Center. When you add a wonderful quality of life and year-round outdoor recreation to the equation, it’s easy to understand why Florida vacation homes are the perfect asset for accruing investment property income. That’s right, tourists are eager to rent a home, so they can relax and enjoy the tropical climate and a Disney vacation. Hotels and restaurants are expensive and stressful. Why not rent a vacation home and stay a little longer.


Now, for those who reside outside the area, the prospect of being an absentee landlord may seem daunting, but property management may be the perfect solution. Property owners can put their newly acquired asset in the hands of a qualified property management agency, and reap the financial reward. Besides, property owners may decide to take a vacation of their own every once in a while. No need to look for a place to stay.


A property management agency can help maximize rental potential, and optimize rental return. Outstanding management companies offer a comprehensive sales and marketing program, including affiliations with major travel companies, domestic and international advertising, and a substantial network of distribution partners. One effective marketing help online is the callpage which provides immediate response to the potential customer. Visit sprout24.com for the cal from website callpage review. Investors should be wary of complex contracts, hidden fees and taxes, and unexpected management fees. Professional management companies insure a steady flow of bookings, and safeguard the value of investment property.


Though local residential property prices have fallen sharply in recent years, there are indications that the downward trend is about to change. The Orlando Area Realtor Association recently reported that home prices rose sharply during the first half of 2011. The escalation in median home prices was aided by the return of international investors. Foreclosures and short sales were down, while normal transactions helped boost the price of residential real estate. Yet, opportunities continue to abound for investors. The average home sold for only ninety-five percent of its listed price, and the local housing affordability index revealed a large amount of unmet demand.


It’s true, timing is everything. What goes up, must come down, but the opposite is also true. Those who invest in Orlando area homes at just the right time, are likely to reap a financial benefit for many years to come. Central Florida is a wonderful place to live, but it’s an even better place to enjoy a sunny Disney vacation!