Property Management by FLAStay

Do you own a property in Florida?

Are you maximizing your rental potential?

No False promises – no lengthy, hard to cancel contracts – no small print!

At FLAStay, we understand the market and the needs of property owners here in the sunshine state. Unlike some of our competitors we don’t make false claims about guaranteed occupancy weeks or that you will be full all the time.That is sales talk from companies looking for a short term income from you, you may take up their offer, but believe us, after 6 months you will be wondering where all the promised bookings are! Our service is based on understanding the market and working with a wide range of distribution partners to ensure our homeowners achieve the optimum return on their property.

Your property will be marketed to millions of potential customers through our state of the art website, optimized to be at the top of google, yahoo and other search engines. Integration into social network sites such as Facebook & Twitter.

What we can promise you is that we have a sales and marketing plan that is second to none. We have affiliations with UK travel companies, and we advertise throughout the US, Canada, South America and Europe. This ensures bookings flow in at a constant good rate that benefits you, the homeowner, by optimizing your rental return. Our payments are made NETT to owners and do not include hidden charges, we pay the tourist taxes and clean fees, something that other companies will surprise you with on your first statement, YOU will be charged by other management companies for these fees!

“An unbelievable improvement from my last management company “bookings increased dramatically almost immediately.“ Owner, Davenport.

As a management company, we feel that we are of a unique mould. We do not believe in filling our pockets with your hard earned cash.Our monthly management fee includes minor repairs, changing bulbs for example and various other tasks that other companies may charge as additional. If you require a major expense, such as A/C repair, replacement appliances etc, we can source those for you, replace them and dispose of the old at the cost price only, we do not put a markup or charge an additional management fee on such repairs. We have negotiated contracts with major reputable repair companies, and pass these savings directly onto you.

“No mark up on Contractors that we use for repairs in your home“ on the contrary, our negotiated rates with these companies often SAVE you money!”

In addition, we offer an in-house pool and lawn service, at highly competitive rates. We are, of course, fully licensed and insured.

If you are looking for a management company, or maybe you are just tempted to see how we might compare to your current provider, please e-mail or call and we can discuss your requirements. If you join our expanding company, you will not be disappointed!!

If you have a management company and are looking for a change, try us, we do all that is required in the changeover, no stress or worries to you as the owner.
What we can do for you

  • FLAStay has been managing and renting condos and villas in the Orlando area for many years and has seen steady growth in that time.
  • We offer discounted monthly management fees for owners with multiple homes.
  • We provide in house pool cleaning and are CPO certified, licensed and insured to carry out this work.
  • We encourage owners to get rentals themselves and will only charge a cleaning fee for the owner rental.
  • The properties are checked prior to and after each rental to ensure that no damage has been done and also to ensure that the guests stay meets their expectations.
  • Our philosophy is that your property is our shop front. If your property looks shabby and guests complain, that reflects on us as a company, not on you as an owner. This is detrimental to our service that we provide to you.
  • We will carry out minor maintenance, i.e. batteries in smoke alarms, light bulbs, painting touch-ups at no charge to you.
  • Any major maintenance, i.e. A/C problems etc, are repaired and billed to you at cost only. We have favorable rates with local contractors and we bill you at the month end for the works carried out. We have no mark-up on these repairs.
  • All rentals are notified to you by e-mail the moment a booking is made. This enables you to work with us to fill dates in your property.
  • Our month end statements will list all bookings in that month, and then expenses against that month. This is e-mailed to you by the 5th of the following month and any balance paid by the 10th of that month.
  • Our marketing strategy is set to increase bookings and we are currently negotiating packages with tour operators to supply flights, daytrips to local attractions, fishing tours, attractions and activities that lie off the beaten path. Our affiliation with golf courses in the area also allows us to book full packages for our avid golfing customers. We pride ourselves on having some of the best rates in town.
  • We also have an affiliation with a UK based travel company and are investing heavily in a UK website that will offer the packages as a whole or just property rental.
  • We do expect flexibility in rates that we pay you in order to fill as many dates as possible. It is a buyers market, and currently there is a lot of choice and so we must be competitive in that market place. This does not mean any reduction in quality of the rental guests, just an increase in our potential market. Our UK website will be monitored daily to see where the market is and prices adjusted accordingly. We can help you achieve the optimum yield for your property
  • All cleans for our rentals are paid for by FLAStay.
  • The staff at FLAStay is willing to help our guests around the clock, so we are available 24/7.
  • We offer welcome grocery packages for guest arriving at unsociable hours of the day and night
  • There is also the option for a “meet and greet” service to and from the airport if required.